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Montgomery County
Clerk of Courts

Domestic Relations Filing Costs
New Cases
Deposits with Children $475.00
Deposits without Children $375.00
Annulment, Dissolution, and Legal Separation
Deposits with Children $400.00
Deposits without Children $300.00
No deposit will be required when filing:
Answer, Answer & Cross Complaint, and
Answer & Counter Claim
Service by Publication/Daily Law Journal
No Property $200.00 *
With Property $200.00 *
Post Decree
All Post Decree Motions $200.00
Service by Publication $200.00
Half Day $6.00
Full Day (out of county) $12.00
Out of county witnesses, add mileage of .10 ¢ per mile
Out of State Decree/ Foreign Order $200.00
Notice of Appeal $100.00
Service by Sheriff's Department $40.00 *
Miscellaneous Costs
Photocopies $.10/page
Certified Copy $1.00/page

* Additional Costs